"An image inspires. Makes a thousand words obsolete. It's a moment that can stay with you forever..."

Nature has always been a source of inspiration, solace, delight and adventure for me. She was a great teacher and a perfect companion. As a human being, I have faith in the dictum, “Take care of Nature and she will take care of you..”. The conservationist in me believes that man can only take care of something he loves. And being a photographer that I am, I try to evoke this feeling of love towards nature by capturing her beauty.

What you see here is a handful of images gleaned across time. Images that have been part of my relationship with nature. A relationship that needs constant nurtuting, like any other relationship. But once you have it going, flowers will dance for you... The sun will shine for you... The mountains will hold your hand... Wild animals smile at you... Streams will sing for you.... And life will bloom within you.

It is never too late to get into this relationship. This - and only this - can save the future, save our children, and theirs to come..

I sincerely hope that my images in Songs of Silence will inspire you to know nature better. Because preserving and sustaining comes only from caring and loving..

Balan Badhavan
Fellow, International League of Conservation Photographers

Note: Part of the proceeds from the sale of prints shall go to The Indienhilfe, a German organization supporting rural education in India and to the International League of Conservation Photographers.

Note: Images from the Songs of Silence collection can be purchased directly from the photographer. All images are printed on canvas and shall be signed by the author. Unmounted canvas prints can be sent to any part of the world by courier. Please add US $. 30 towards packing & forwarding cost.